July 2014

Upcoming Classes

Stay Safe, Stay Legal, July 19th from 9-12
Firearms and Your Young Child, July 19th from 1-5
Girls Day Out, July 26th from 10-4
SDA (conceal carry), Aug 2 from 9-5

Stay Safe, Stay Legal

Whether you took your SDA Class years, months, or weeks ago, it is essential that you stay current on the laws of the state of Oklahoma for carrying and using a gun...and the laws are constantly changing. The class is open to anyone who wants to learn more about gun laws in Oklahoma.

Firearms and Your Young Child

If you have a small child or grandchild in your life don’t miss Firearms and Your Young Child. This class teaches you how to gunproof your child – you should childproof (properly store) your gun but what about when the child you love goes to a friend’s house and the friend wants to show her daddy’s LOADED gun? This is a wonderful class taught by OPD assistant instructor Cherise.

Girls Day Out

Whatever your level of experience, if you have an interest in guns this class is a must! It helps prepare ladies for the conceal carry class, and makes the CC class fun!

Oklahoma SDA

If you want to get licensed to carry a gun in Oklahoma, you're required to take this class. Limited space remaining so don't wait if you're interested in this class.

Registration deadlines are approaching, see the Classes Tab for dates & details on the above classes. Tammy

U.S. Law Shield's president, Kirk Evans, has written a fascinating article about carrying firearms on/across tribal land...if you think it doesn't apply to you, you may not realize you're in Oklahoma! Check it out on the Articles Tab.

U.S. Law Shield is bringing their expertise to us in two upcoming seminars. Cost is $5 for USLS members, $10 for non members. There will be several women speakers (after all, we're OPD!) but everyone is invited (guys, here's your chance to see what we do at OPD!) See below for registration info. Tammy

Firearms Law Seminars

Oklahoma Personal Defense is proud to host two upcoming Firearms Law Seminars by U.S. Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program. Join us on August 9 (Messiah Lutheran, OKC) and September 27 (Fairview Baptist, Edmond) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. as U.S. Law Shield program attorneys and firearms experts separate legal fact from fiction. We invite you to come hear topics every gun owner needs to know, such as: when can you legally use your gun to defend yourself, family or property; how to deal with law enforcement during a traffic stop and after you have used your gun; and, how you can be sued even if you were justified. OPD and U.S. Law Shield are dedicated to providing law abiding gun owners with knowledge of the legal system and their rights to defend themselves and their families in the state of Oklahoma. Join OPD and U.S. Law Shield at a Firearms Law Seminar and bring your friends! Sign up at GunLawSeminar.com

Click the photo below to go to the Gun Law Seminar website where you can watch a great video about the seminar and register. Scroll down on the page to the U.S. map, click Oklahoma and you'll see the two seminars, click the date you're interested in and sign up. You can also register at the direct links here August 9 or September 27.

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