July 2013

Happy Birthday America!

Certainly we are in times of tremendous uncertainty in our great country as many of our basic freedoms – like the Second Amendment – are being battered by those who desire ultimate control of all people. The United States of America is NOT a Christian nation (that's a misnomer) but we ARE a client nation to God. This means we represent God to the world and as a result, God blesses the nation. It may seem there's little cause to celebrate our nation's birthday, but there is a hope beyond all hopes for our great nation. See Point of View on the Articles tab for my take.

Never forget that every freedom you enjoy was paid for by countless men and women of the military who have fought for it. Some paid with their lives. Others gave a piece of their life to purchase our freedom. Many are still giving.

This is one of those times I believe all of us should personally thank every man and woman we encounter who has served. Whether they ever saw combat, or stood on foreign soil, these men and women are the reason we still live in freedom.

To all who are reading this who have been or are in the military, thank you for fighting for my freedom. Tammy

This is a photo OPD helper Lynn Harris took when helping with cleanup after the Moore tornado. I used my photo editing software to make the background black & white and keep the flag in color so as to bring out the contrast of the devastation in the background with the hope of our nation. If you missed it, you can see all the photos and read the personal accounts in the June special edition of the OPD newsletter which was dedicated to those who survived the May tornados.

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