July 2012

4th of July 2012 how to save our country

Folks, we are way past political correctness, it’s time to call a spade a spade and take back our country! This is not about racism, it’s not about politics, it’s about FREEDOM!!! This 4th of July we need to take a long hard look at our role in saving our county and set about doing it…read the full article at the bottom of the Articles page.

New Newsletter Format

I have redesigned the newsletter format to make it easier to quickly find what you're most interested in. Each newsletter will now appear in your Email starting with the New News page; from there click on any tab at the top to go directly where you want to go. Try it out to see what I'm talking about! And let me know how you like the new format.

Newsletter Article Archives

I have also collected the ongoing newsletter articles into an archive for easy reference. You can get there by clicking the Newsletters link on the top right of all OPD main pages. Once there you'll see the current newsletter at the top, and just beneath that the heading "Article Archives." Here you can access all previous articles in Tactical Ponderings, Mon's Corner, Law Enforcement Perspective, and Point of View. When you click the link to go to one of the article archive pages, there's an index of articles at the top of the page click a title to go directly to that article.

These articles are written by myself (Tammy), Highway Patrol Trooper Betsy Randolph, and OPD Assistant Instructors. The archives go back to 2010, so if you're new to OPD you'll want to check out the articles. Even if you've been reading the newsletter for awhile, it's worth going back and re-reading the articles. There's some excellent information in these well written articles, pertinent to all women!

New Website Address

I have acquired the domain names Classes4Women.com and ClassesForWomen.com (caps are for clarity only). I know a lot of you tell your friends about OPD, and the website is the best place to send them for information. Trying to remember, and then type out OklahomaPersonalDefense.com is rather lengthy, so now you can just tell your friends to go to Classes4Women.com - it doesn't matter if they input a 4 or for, and caps are unnecessary. These addresses are mirror sites which go directly to the main OPD website.

Reading in Large Print

For those of you who have a Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can read many OPD pages in Safari Reader.
Not all pages show in Reader, but when Reader detects enough text on any web page it loads it in an application called Reader. On any given web page, look at the top of the address bar, and on the right side if you see Reader click on Reader and it will open in large print (this is especially useful if you read the newsletter on your iPhone). In this newsletter New News, Articles, and Helps all have Reader.

When you open Reader on an iPhone or iPad, tap the big or small A on the left to increase/decrease your font size. Next to that, if you tap the square with the arrow you'll have a list of things you can do including save the page to Bookmarks or Email it. When you're finished, tap Done on the right side to go back to the regular page view. On your computer, simply click Reader again and it will take you back. Reader brings up text with minimal graphics, so the links won't work while you're in Reader.

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