January 2015

Upcoming Classes

Defensive Awareness (Jan 13), Girls Day Out (Jan 24), Oklahoma Conceal Carry (Feb 10/17)

There are only a few spots left in Girls Day Out. GDO is a requirement to attend Conceal Carry at OPD, so if you want in on the February 10 conceal carry class and aren't signed up for GDO you'll need to register for the class ASAP. The conceal carry class is a two part weekday class, and it usually fills up quickly so don't wait to register if you're interested.

See the Classes Tab for more details and to register.

Life Safety Seminar

We had a great Life Safety Seminar in December, here's some of the feedback from attendees...

What did you learn that you didn’t know before?
How fast someone can bleed out.
Proper steps on trauma treatment, and common plots or tricks of home invaders.
Home defense tactics, trauma kit items and use, clever new emergency items (better than I’ve seen).

What did you like most about the seminar?
All the different speakers and experiences.
The displays of “tools” and medical supplies.
Personal experiences and trauma info.

This is life-saving information, don't miss the next one on Saturday, Feb 21 in Moore. See the Classes Tab for more details and to register.

December 13th Life Safety Seminar. More pics here.


I frequently hear from students who tell me they met someone and told them about OPD classes, and many of these students pass along one of the pink brochures I hand out in classes. I get lots of contacts from women who say they picked up a pink brochure somewhere. But how do you get them hooked up with OPD classes if you don't have a pink brochure?

It's very easy, tell them to go to classesforwomen.com. The OPD website is oklahomapersonaldefense.com so if that's what you remember, and they remember it too, it'll get them there. But I have both classsesforwomen.com and classes4women.com domains and either one of those goes directly to oklahomapersonaldefense.com...and classesforwomen.com (whether they input a for or 4) is much easier to remember to tell people, and much easier for them to remember.

So thanks for spreading the word, and be sure to tell people they can find everything about OPD at classesforwomen.com including what classes we offer and how to sign up for them.


What did you get for Christmas?

Last month featured the second annual OPD Christmas Buyer's Guide...and in it were a couple of things I really wanted, including the Eiger Ultra X and Nite GlowRing. This was my Christmas present to myself! Be sure to check out the Fun Tab for some great pics.

I'd love to hear about your fun tactical gifts.


Citizen Police Academy

The next OCPD Citizen Police Academy starts on Tuesday, February 24th. It is held every Tuesday from 6-9 pm for for 12 weeks. I cannot stress enough how wonderful this experience is, and how important it is to really get to know police officers and their work. Every session was fascinating, I learned a great deal about how to watch out for crime and even self-defense. The 12 weeks flew by, and I was really disappointed when it was over! Please consider signing up for this next CPA. You can read articles about my experiences here, and read more about the CPA and download the application here.

Now that I've attended, I can go back and sit in on any of the sessions
, so if you want to attend let me know and I'll attend the first session with you (and any other sessions I can, especially the gun range and LEDT and firearms simulator and...).

"I have a large picture window with two smaller windows on either side just left of the front door, of course the blinds were closed so the person couldn’t see in nor could I see out. As I approached I stepped to the middle of the large picture window and I could see headlights through the blinds. Someone was in my driveway. I always park in my garage because I don’t want anyone to know if I’m home or not, so this was deliberate. It wasn’t one of two neighbors whom I’m friendly with as they wouldn’t pull a car into my driveway. Besides, they know not to approach my house unannounced, especially at night. This same reason ruled out it being a friend."

This reads like a mystery novel, doesn't it? But who wrote it, and what's the rest of the story? Check out the Articles Tab to find out (Hint: it's actually a true story).

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