January 2013

Upcoming Classes

The January 19th Girls Day Out class is full so I scheduled a second one on January 26th. I also have both women only and mixed SDA (conceal carry) classes scheduled. These classes are all filling up fast so don't delay registering if you're interested. See the Classes tab for details.

Non-Gun Defense

Last month I mentioned an article I wrote on non-gun defense....in that article I talk about both tactical pens and tactical flashlights. The Smith & Wesson tactical pens are reasonably priced at $25, but you have to order them and thus pay shipping. The flashlights I recommend are Surefire, which are the best but at over $100, they're out of reach for some.

Just before Christmas I discovered that Academy now carries Smith & Wesson tactical pens (a new style) and the new Smith & Wesson tactical flashlights...they have a penlight, different tactical flashlights, and a combo pack with both a penlight and carry size tactical flashlight for only $39.99. An added bonus, they all use regular AA and AAA batteries.

I received the combo pack for Christmas and both the penlight and carry size tactical flashlight are excellent! The penlight is not a pen, but instead has a defense tool (including glass breaker) on one end and a light on the other. It's not intended to be as bright as a tactical flashlight, but I clipped it to my shirt as I do my tactical pen and had easy access for the many times I just needed a little light. The carry size tactical flashlight is the same brightness as my Surefire L1, but has a recessed tailcap which means I don't accidentally set it off in my pocket. I can definitely recommend both of these flashlights.

Next on my list is the Galaxy Elite ($30 at Academy), a little too large for pocket carry but perfect for home or car.

Open Carry in Oklahoma

It seems to be a non-event....says the Shawnee Police Chief.
I agree. I still have not seen a single person open carrying! I think the biggest issue is for those who rushed to put up gun buster signs, they've lost customers! On the other hand, I've seen some new "Welcome" signs posted, such as this one at Eric's Pharmacy in Shawnee. I've known about Eric's since my days working at the Shawnee News-Star, his poison ivy prevention is rather famous! I've been getting prescriptions filled there for a few years, and after seeing the sign I wrote him a note and thanked him...not only for the "welcome" but for the fine picture (a full size M&P).

Read comments from a couple students on Open Carry at the bottom of the Articles tab.

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