February 2015
Life Safety Seminar

Saturday, February 21 from 1-5 in Moore. Seating is limited, so if you want to attend this seminar you need to register ASAP. Cost is only $10, don't miss this life-saving information!

Presented by Oklahoma Personal Defense (OPD) and IEP Security, this seminar addresses how to protect yourself, prevent a home invasion, and deal with traumatic injury. Tammy will do a session on womenís personal defense away from home. Then OPD instructor Dara will teach a session on evacuation readiness for women (this is not wilderness survival, itís preparation for a disaster such as a fire at work). Next Todd Jackson from IEP Security will speak on protecting yourself at home, and how to prevent a home invasion.

Finally, Tammy will teach a session on treating traumatic injury until medical professionals arrive. She has found a great trauma kit and will show attendees the components of this kit and how to use them. This is NOT a first aid kit, there are no bandaids or aspirin, only specific items that will save your life in the event of a traumatic injury such as a gunshot wound. The kit is small enough to carry in a purse or keep in a glove box.

See photos and read comments from attendees of the December seminar here.

Expandable Baton Fundamentals

Most of the OPD team attended the January collapsible baton class written and taught by OCPD Sgt. Chris Lambert. It was such a great class, we had lots of fun and learned a lot! I heard from a number of you who wanted to attend but couldn't in January, so we're working on scheduling another one.

I'll post it on the Schedule Page as soon as we set a date.

From the January baton class. More pics and videos here.


Any time you attend an OPD class you’ll get a pink brochure with your handout. For those who are attending an OPD class for the first time it gives you an idea of all the classes we offer. If you’re attending a second or third class, it is my hope you’ll give the pink brochure to a woman in your life who could use some training.

I always have plenty of pink brochures any time you’re in a class and want some to give to friends, and you can print it from here. But if you don’t have a brochure with you when you talk to someone the best way to connect people with OPD is through our website. It has tons of information on it about who we are and what we do, including classes currently scheduled.  

The easiest way to get to the OPD website is classesforwomen.com (it doesn’t matter if you use a 4 or for). So the next time you tell your friends about OPD classes, tell her to check out classesforwomen.com.


Not just a pretty holster

In early December when OPD student, Janet, brought her new holster to a private lesson to show me I knew I had to meet the holster maker.

Fast forward to early February and so far Tammy, Dara, and Mary from OPD have gotten a custom kydex holster made by Dr. Justin Lewis of Eight2Ten and each time we are thrilled with the quality and beauty of it. Mary has a holster to wear with work khakis, Dara plans to start a holster wardrobe to have color coordinated firearms accouterment, and I have proven once & for all that nothing is too bright for me! See pics on the Fun Tab, and be sure to consider a Justin Lewis holster!


Mock high speed chase on the OCPD driver training course...read the article, and see
pics & videos on the Articles Tab.

Citizen Police Academy

If you've been reading the OPD newsletter since September 2014 you'll know that each month I've posted an article about the OCPD Citizen Police Academy (article archive here). I attended the 2014 fall session and it was a wonderful experience. Every session was fascinating, I learned a great deal about how to watch out for crime and even self-defense. The 12 weeks flew by, and I was really disappointed when it was over!

I just found out from the lieutenant in charge of CPA that the Spring session is full 35 people have signed up to attend, their biggest class ever! I have been promoting CPA to my students and I really hope some of you are attending. If you are, let me know, I'd love to follow your progress.

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