February 2014

Come out to the Capitol tomorrow for 2A Day!

I'd like to invite each of you to attend the Second Amendment Day at the Capitol sponsored by OK2A on Monday, February 10th in the Fourth Floor Rotunda of the State Capitol. 

Registration begins at 10:00 a.m. and the rally starts at 12:10 p.m. At registration, flyers will be available for distributing to your Representatives. Lee Matthews, KTOK’s afternoon host, will MC the rally. Other speakers include Representative Sally Kern, Senator Kyle Loveless, Steve Russell, and Craig Roberts. Following the rally, you'll have an opportunity to visit with key Oklahoma legislators about upcoming 2A legislation. Be sure to check out Mom's Corner to learn more about OK2A and what they do for your gun rights! Tammy

Upcoming Classes

Have you ever wanted to whack a man with a big stick? I'm not talking about your husband, I'm talking about the mock bad guy (the OPD mannequin, SD) that we use in the Everything Else class. Women in this class find it both empowering and fun to hit poor SD with a hardwood cane during the drills. Click the picture to see a video from previous class...well, it's not a video of whacking him, it's a video of us trying to put him back together after he was whacked by a student during the drills. At the bottom of this page, you can see Louise starting to whack SD and it describes the drill. The next page shows the aftermath of Cyndi whacking him. She found out the technique really works (when she flipped over a 6'1" mannequin)!

Well, ladies, now's your chance, the Everything Else class I had scheduled on February 8th got rescheduled to March 1st due to all the snow & ice we had prior to the original date. There's still room in the class if you're interested. See the Classes tab for more details about the class.

I'm also working on more classes in March I didn't get the dates confirmed in time for this newsletter, so check the Schedule page of the OPD website as I will post the dates and classes there as soon as they're confirmed.

Cookie cutter classes

"One size fits all" training does not work for anyone, especially women! That's why at OPD we design and develop classes specifically for women. And we're experts at doing it because...we ARE women! What we teach is what we do in our own lives, if it's good enough for us, it's good enough for our students! Check out the Fun tab for a video on the topic.

The training really works

Thank you for your instruction and teaching. I was sitting home alone working on my computer and around 7:30 pm someone rings my front door bell and I wasn't expecting anyone. I arm up and between my dogs going off and me yelling "GET AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!!" I don't think the Fed Ex guy will be coming back if he can help it! Oh well it was good practice:)

Pam, OPD Student

It's been awhile since high school for most of us, do you remember what the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States says?

You can read both for free on Cato Institute's website here. I have a wonderful little bound pocket edition from Cato that I keep on my desk, I highly recommend it!

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