February 2013

Upcoming Classes

Several of you marked on evals that you're interested in the situational awareness class so I've scheduled Defensive Awareness on Thursday, February 28th...EVERY woman needs this eye opening class!

There are only a few spaces left in the March 9th Mixed SDA class and the March 16th Girls Day Out class. I still have room in April 6th Women Only SDA class. See the Classes tab for details.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

It has never been more important than now to support the NRA – they are our only counterpunch to those who want to make our guns illegal. Tom Gresham, host of GunTalk, worked a deal with the NRA for an unprecedented discount on lifetime memberships. Cherise confirmed directly with the NRA that this is a legitimate offer. Many thanks to Cherise for bringing it to my attention! See below for more details.

New Column

Those of you who are longtime OPD newsletter readers know we offer a variety of monthly columns dealing with personal defense and firearms. I'm very excited to introduce a brand new column starting this month that deals with....

Well, I'll let you discover that on your own. The writer may surprise some of you, but I can assure you she is quite well versed on the subject matter. Are you as curious as a cat? Be sure to read the whole Articles page to discover the new column. And let me hear what you think...of the writer and the article!

January 19th Girls Day Out


The NRA is running a membership promotion – you can get a brand new membership, or upgrade your existing (or elapsed) membership to lifetime.

Lifetime memberships, which are regularly $1000 for adults and $550 for children, are being offered at $300 for a limited time.  Just call 1-888-678-7894, and in about three minutes your lifetime membership will take effect.  Note: you can only enroll one person per call, so if you have multiple people to enroll, you'll need to call back separately for each person.

When you sign up, they will give you the choice of three magazines, available in either print or online editions: American Rifleman; America's First Freedom; or American Hunter.  If you  are enrolling a child, they won't offer but you can ask them to give you the online interactive children's magazine subscription to "Insights" instead.

If you aren't an NRA member but either own guns or support Second Amendment rights, I strongly encourage you to call for your lifetime membership today and support the organization that is America's strongest voice for the Second Amendment.


This is the sign I saw posted on the door of an Oklahoma City convenience store...

I thought it was very nice of them to warn law abiding citizens that only criminals are welcome in their establishment.

Walmart in Shawnee has good supply of these...they'll block sound well at 26 dB, you can't beat the price, and they're hot pink...if you need ear protection for an upcoming class, you can't beat these! (I'd get a pair but i'm afraid they'd clash with my hair)

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