December 2013

Hello OPD friends!

I have some bad news. As of December 1, 2013, I will no longer be in the Public Affairs Division with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. I have been transferred to Troop R – Capitol Section. So you won’t be seeing me on the news any longer or hearing my voice during radio interviews. I’m extremely sad to be leaving Public Affairs, but forever grateful that God has allowed me to represent the agency that I love for as long as I have.

Now, before you start feeling too sad for me, here’s the GOOD part…I’m getting promoted! As of December 1, 2013, I will be Lieutenant Betsy Randolph – the fourth woman in the 76 year history of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to pin on the silver bars as supervisor. As you can imagine, I’m extremely excited. I look forward to my new position with the Patrol and my new assignment. If you are ever over at the State Capitol complex, please look me up.


My family at the promotion ceremony. Dad and Mom, Wesley and Joyce Byrd
Son, Bronson and husband, George

In the spirit of holiday joy, you'll find pictures of some of the OPD team's beloved pets throughout this newsletter...check out the Fun tab for a Christmas tree of fur friends. Click the pictures to see the name of the pet and their mom. Have yourself a furry little Christmas!

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