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Non-Gun Defense

A student Emailed me a list of places she was going where she couldn't take a gun, and she asked if I had any tips so she wouldn't be defenseless. My response ended up being so detailed, complete with photos and descriptions of tactics, that I put it on its own web page. On the left are six of the non-gun tools I carry in addition to my firearm that I write about in the article.

You can see it at the direct link here, or find it at the top of the More page of the OPD website.

Open Carry in Oklahoma

Have you seen anyone open carrying since November 1st? I've not seen a one, nor have I heard any reports of sightings except for Dara who Emailed me one afternoon and said she was having lunch at Earl's BBQ when a nicely dressed gentleman walked by wearing a full sized semi-auto secured in a holster on his belt.

What I've been watching for are the gun buster signs, which we all figured would become quite frequent. However, I've been pleasantly surprised to see very few, and most of the places I go didn't change a thing. I did notice the great big signs on the doors to the Health Food Center which had never been there before. I've been going there for years and have spent a great deal of money there, but I make it a policy, as do many others I know, not to patronize businesses that promote "victim zones" – these are places where criminals can have their way because they're the only ones who are armed. So I stopped to take a picture, and then I left without purchasing anything.

It just so happens a couple months prior I had found a local source where I could get equal or better quality supplements for a better price! I found Sanders Labs, making quality supplements in Tecumseh, OK since 1951, through a miracle worker otherwise known as my chiropractor...I found Dr. Leba the Monday after my back went out just before a Saturday SDA class in September...

Turns out Sanders Labs is run by Dr. Leba's mother, and he keeps a supply of supplements in the office. So I began comparing ingredients and as I ran out of what I normally would buy at HFC for a higher price, I replaced it with a Sanders Labs product.

I've learned over the course of my visits that Dr. Leba is a legally armed citizen, as are some of his staff...there have even been a few times when I've gone to an appointment straight from OKC wearing a full size M&P .40 on my right hip with a spare magazine on my left. What a liberating thing to be able to go to the doctor and not have to disarm myself!

I always feel safe there...after all, there's usually at least two firearms present when I'm there!

So you see, I practice what I preach, and I put my money in places that believe in and support the American citizen's right to keep and bear arms...it is especially important to do so these days.

Read more of my take on Open Carry at the bottom of the Articles tab.

The text is what a friend wrote me after attending the funeral of a young soldier who recently died.

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