August 2015
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Jessica's ongoing series, Clothes & Guns, continues with an introduction article from the viewpoint of carrying a baby and a gun (yes, it can be done safely!). Kim's way cool new defense tool. And Dee telling about some of the advanced firearms classes she's taken this year. Mom's Corner is an oldie but goodie (they're all good!) as Cherise is very busy getting started back with home-schooling three kids, so I thought I'd republish one.

And let me just say you do not want to miss Mary's contribution on the Fun tab!

No group classes, but...

There are no group classes scheduled until further notice due to my illness. However, OPD helper, RSO, Instructor Dee Cope is now offering OPD's Personalized Training Sessions by appointment. This is where we come to you and train you with a customized plan based on your needs. For example, you have a college age daughter whom you want to know how to watch out for herself and have a few defense tools should she need them. Or you work someplace you can't carry a gun, or you're not
interested in firearms. Or perhaps you want to acquire a home invasion plan for you and your family. It is truly customizable based on your needs and interest. Contact her by Email to schedule.

Dee is also working to get her NRA Pistol Instructor certification, after which she will be offering private firearm lessons. We'll let you know when that's available.

Tammy's personal update
In May OPD RSO/Instructor, Dara, sent out a letter to the OPD Newsletter list informing you all that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was undergoing treatment. I was very sick so I moved in with my parents in April, and began treatment for metastasized breast cancer in May. Unfortunately I developed a life-threatening infection that put me in the hospital early June and I was there for two months. I am back home at my parent’s now, trying to recover from two months of IV antibiotics – the infection is gone, but being on antibiotics that long has taken a toll on my immune system.
My doctors all are all very encouraged and say I’m making great progress overall with the cancer treatment and recovery from the infection. I’m still a little too sick from the antibiotics to tell, but thankfully the last few days my stomach is finally getting a little better. I’m eating weird things, like dinner last night was watermelon, black olives, Greek yogurt, and orange juice...thankfully the things I’m craving are relatively healthy, LOL!

From the beginning of my illness my faith in God has carried me. I have never felt, “why me” nor have I felt bitter or angry. I still don’t. But it has been a very difficult last few months, especially the two I spent in the hospital. I’ve had a lot of people praying for me and I appreciate all the prayers as they truly give me strength day to day.
While in the hospital I set a goal to get a newsletter out…it’s taken me awhile but finally, here it is. This first page is my only contribution to this newsletter. The rest of the newsletter is by some of my wonderful helpers. My thanks and appreciation to them for helping me get a newsletter out.
And my thanks and appreciation to all of you who have sent Emails, cards, and gifts during this very trying time…and most especially for your prayers.
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever. Psalm 118.1 NIV

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I've received some very thoughtful and special gifts...a very heartfelt thank you to all who have expressed your concern and caring.

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