August 2014

Upcoming Gun Law Seminar

Inviting all Oklahoma Personal Defense students, along with your family, friends, co-workers, etc., to attend these Firearms Law seminars presented by Oklahoma Personal Defense and U.S. Law Shield. Learn about Stand Your Ground law, when you can legally shoot, the legal use of force, civil liability after you shoot (even Oklahoma's laws don't leave us truly "immune"!), traveling with firearms, and dealing with law enforcement. You may be surprised by what you don't know! Cherise

OPD and U.S. Law Shield are dedicated to providing law abiding gun owners with knowledge of the legal system and their rights to defend themselves and their families in the state of Oklahoma. That's why we're bringing you this professional conference at minimal cost $5 for USLS members, $10 for non members. You will receive more than $10 worth of professional publications at the seminar!

We've got two seminars scheduled, Aug. 9 in OKC and Sept. 27 in Edmond. I highly recommend you come to both if you can! See the Classes Tab for more details and to register. Tammy

U.S. Law Shield's Oklahoma District Manager, Kyle Baggett, grills a student in the last Stay Safe, Stay Legal class to demonstrate what it's like to be aggressively questioned by an attorney who's trying to discredit you after you've lawfully shot a bad guy in a home invasion. I've seen him do this before, it really makes the student uncomfortable! The demonstration is very effective as it shows you what it could actually be like to be sued for defending yourself!

Fantastic Articles (if I do say so myself!)

We've got a great lineup of articles for you this month. Mom's Corner as usual is a great read, and just a little touching. We have a special treat in an article by Jennifer Newell, formerly with the Norman PD, now the Program Manager for Oklahoma School Security Institute. Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the Oklahoma City PD brings us our Law Enforcement Perspective this month on the topic of how not to become a crime victim. In this month's Tactical Ponderings another pregnant woman runs off a big bad attacker dude. And U.S. Law Shield brings us another excellent article that addresses something I've been asked about a lot lately, road rage. Check out the Articles Tab to read all of these great articles. And be sure to check out the Fun Tab (I love it when the good gal wins!) Tammy

Fox Pepper Spray Gives OPD Students Significant Discount

If you've been in a class with me, you've probably heard me talk about Fox 5.3 Pepper Spray. It is the only pepper spray I carry and recommend to my students because it's the hottest and purest pepper spray available – it is law enforcement grade, yet available to the public.
Many of you reading this newsletter have your own can of Fox. This is a good time to remind you to check the shelf life date on your can. It's written at the top of the can between the label and the lid. You want to replace your Fox two years from the date on the can. The contents will work forever, but what goes out on any aerosol is the ability to get the contents out of the can! (I always get a can of spray paint, use it and then 2-3 years later go to use it again and the paint won't come out). You can read more about shelf life here.

I'm happy to announce I've worked a deal with Fox Labs to give OPD students a 20% discount on their products. The two products I have and recommend are the 2 oz Flip Top Cone Fog and 3 oz Firemaster Top. They also have some nice holsters, and the jogger strap which lets you carry it hands free. You might also consider getting some of their Sudecon wipes in case you ever get any spray on you – they're in small packets like hand wipes so they're easy to carry in your purse along with your Fox. These links go directly to their products page where you can use the promo code opdcfw at checkout to receive the discount. This is most generous and makes it the best deal anywhere on Fox products, only a little over $12 for the 2 oz Flip Top!
Please read my article, The Myth of Wasp Spray, which not only discredits wasp spray as a self-defense tool (based on research) but goes into detail about why Fox is the best pepper spray. There's a video in the article of a woman spraying her husband and two friends with Fox 5.3 and you can see just how powerful it is. Tammy

Click the photo below to go to the Gun Law Seminar website where you can watch a great video about the seminars and register.

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