August 2013

You know it's summertime when the kids are in the pool...

Wait, that kid looks a little....odd.

That is Andy's stuffed bear...we are vacationing in SE Oklahoma and Andy carries it outside with him every time we go out. On this trip out, Bogie thought it should go in the pool.

Here is Bogie putting another toy in the pool...because every water dog knows that this is where toys belong.

Andy is not a water dog, and he did not appreciate his bear being dropped in the pool. And so, he dragged it out.

Now this was quite a feat since it was soaked and quite heavy...he had to really work to get it out.

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God has a sense of humor

Earlier this month, Pittsburg County dispatchers listened while a couple of men discussed the burglary they were committing. How you ask? One of the brilliant criminals butt dialed 911! Read more on the Articles tab.

Love that shirt!

I took this picture of Laurie during a private lesson she and her friend, Kimberly, attended in May. Laurie is from New York and the shirt was a gift from her parents who still live there. The group that puts out the shirt is called Women for the Second Amendment based in Middletown, New York. I like the text at the top of their website: "We, the good women of the United States, vow to stand and defend our country, state, families and selves against all who may oppress us." How refreshing to realize there are like-minded women in a state where, according to the media, everyone hates guns!

I didn't see a way to order the shirts from their website, but I did find the same slogan and several other cool t-shirts for women here.

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