August 2012
Summer break is almost over

Well, it's been a nice break but alas it's time to get back into the swing of things. It'll still be too hot in August to hold live fire classes, and I have too many other events on the schedule for this month, but I've scheduled several classes for September, including Defensive Awareness, Girls Day Out, and SDA (both mixed and women only). Be sure to click the Classes tab for more info. Don't delay registering for classes you're interested in, I've had a lot of inquiries through the summer so I anticipate classes filling up quickly.

Thankful for the NRA

The NRA is the greatest force in protecting our Second Amendment rights. Most of you reading this newsletter are gun owners, but even if you're not, protecting 2A is of vital importance to the freedoms of every American. It is well documented throughout history that countries are invaded when its citizens are not armed. In this time of attacks upon our freedoms, one such attack was just thwarted by the NRA – here are a couple of articles about it: Epic Fail: U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Fizzles Out, NRA Stops U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. If you're not an NRA member, it's worth joining to support them for fights such as this that they win for our freedoms. The American Rifleman magazine alone is worth the $25 yearly membership!

Check out the new NRA yard signs

New Newsletter Format

As I mentioned last month, I have redesigned the newsletter format to make it easier to quickly find what you're most interested in. Each newsletter will now appear in your Email starting with the New News page; from there click on any tab at the top to go directly where you want to go. Now that you've had a chance to try it out, let me know how you like the new format.

Don't Forget...

Newsletter Article Archives

The ongoing newsletter articles are now in an archive for easy reference. You can get there by clicking the Newsletters link on the top right of all OPD main pages.

New Website Address

When you tell your friends about OPD, send them to the make this easier I have two new domain names, and (caps for clarity only)...either "for" or "4" will work.

Reading in Large Print

For those of you who have a Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can read many OPD pages in Safari Reader.

(For more details on the above, see the July newsletter)

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