April 2015
No Classes

There are no classes scheduled for April. Keep watch on the OPD Schedule page as I post classes there as soon as I schedule them.

Citizen Police Academy Articles

If you're a regular reader of this newsletter you know I've been writing a series of articles on my experiences last fall attending the Oklahoma City Police Department's Citizen Police Academy. I'm taking a break from the OCPD CPA articles this month, look for the next installment in May. Meanwhile, if you're new to the newsletter you can check out all the articles so far here.

Line of Duty Deaths in America

The Officer Down Memorial Page has created a poster that's a visual look at line of duty deaths (LODDs) in the first part of the 21st century. It provides some important insight as to how, when, and where line of duty deaths are occurring in modern times. See the poster on the Articles Tab.

M&P Free Magazine Promo

From March 29 through May 31 if you purchase a Smith & Wesson M&P you can send off for three extra magazines for free. They run this promo periodically, and were running it several years ago when I bought my M&P 9mm (that's why I have 5 magazines for my 9!). This is a really good deal. If you're considering buying an M&P, now is a great time to do it. See the promo flier on the Articles Tab for more details.

Ever wonder what it looks like as you fire a gun? Check out the Fun Tab to see some pics and slow-mo videos from recent private lessons.

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