April 2014

Upcoming Classes

The Girls Day Out and Defensive Awareness classes which were going to be held in April have been rescheduled to May (10 and 17).

I am also holding a new class I've entitled Stay Safe, Stay Legal (Oklahoma Gun Laws). I get a lot of questions on an ongoing basis from students who are unclear about something in the law, or have forgotten since their SDA class, and I see a lot of violations of the law in events I hear about in the news. So I developed this class to provide women a refresher on the gun laws as well as to let you know what new laws have come into being (over 30 in the last few years). The class is only open to those who have already taken the Oklahoma SDA (conceal carry) class.

See the Classes Tab for dates & details on the above classes. And be sure to read Tactical Ponderings on the Articles Tab for an example of what I consider a close call legally for a woman who had to fire her gun in self-defense. Tammy

Betsy Randolph Book Signing

Friend of OPD, Lt. Betsy Randolph, has published book two in the Cat Carlyle Mystery Series. Tokens of the Lonely is a real page turner...if you've read Tokens of the Liars, you don't want to miss this one! She also just published her first kid's book, The Elbow and the Invisible People. I've read it and I have to say, I enjoyed it as much as the Cat Carlyle books. It has a great message for both kids and parents, I think tweens & teens will really enjoy this book!

OPD is hosting a double book signing on Sunday, April 27th from 3:30-5:30 at Earl's BBQ in Moore. This is a come & go event for anyone who wants to get a signed copy of her books, or just come hang out and eat great BBQ! Tammy

Hello again, my OPD friends! You may have already heard, but my second book in the Cat Carlyle Mysteries is called Tokens of the Lonely and was released in September 2013. Radio broadcast journalist Cat Carlyle has been recruited into helping her friend and Oklahoma City homicide detective Thomas Sullivan on a murder case. After the widow who ran the Tulsa Miniature Pincher Rescue Society is found murdered in Oklahoma City, Cat works with the Tulsa Animal Shelter to get the 33 dogs and puppies adopted. But as Sullivan works to solve the homicide, more and more of the humans of the adopted dogs go missing or turn up dead.

From Guthrie to Sapulpa, people and their miniature pinchers are being eliminated. It’s anyone’s guess as to who the murder is and why they all share a common bond of loneliness in…Tokens of the Lonely.

If you’re a Cat Carlyle fan, I’d love to visit with you at my OPD hosted book signing April 27th.

I’m also excited to announce to my OPD friends that my third book, The Elbow and the Invisible People has just been released. This is my first attempt at writing a middle grade book. It’s about a 12-year-old Guthrie boy named, Noah Pool. He is just a little “different.” No one really pays much attention to Noah except for the bullies who like to torture him at school. When a couple of birds and a strange dog warn Noah of a flood that will wash his town off the map, he is forced to warn the very people that have treated him so badly. Will anyone believe Noah and seek shelter before time runs out? Join Noah on his adventures to save his town as he discovers the mysteries to…The Elbow and the Invisible People.

I’d love to meet and visit with you at the book signing. Thank you, Tammy and all my OPD friends. Hope to see you April 27th!


March 22nd Gun Cleaning 101 class

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