April 2013

New OPD Facebook Page

I created an OPD FB page specifically for OPD students to share their OPD class photos and experiences. This page is for original photos and comments only. Non original photos/posters, Email forwards, political commentaries, or ads/links to other sites will be deleted. The bulk of OPD information will continue to be on the OPD website, but this gives students an opportunity to share their own photos. Any OPD student who took photos of themselves or friends at a class are encouraged to upload those on the new page. Go to facebook.com/classes4women

Upcoming Classes

I've scheduled Gun Cleaning 101 and Between the Threat and the Bang in Shawnee on April 27th...the classes are back to back with an hour lunch break in between, so students can take one or both classes. See the Classes tab for details.

The Frau is back...

Don't miss her latest dog...uh, blog...on the Articles lab...

2A Supportive Lawmaker

We were blessed to have Representative Jason Murphey speak at the March 16th Girls Day Out class about the Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act (HB 2021). Rep. Murphey is one of the authors of the bill which states that firearms, accessories, and ammo made in Oklahoma are not subject to federal law, taxation or regulation, including registration. Rep. Murphey also talked to us about HB 1062 which would allow teachers and administrators to carry a handgun into an elementary or secondary school once they've successfully completed a specified CLEET training course. Both of the bills are common sense safeguards for Oklahomans in the face of a current federal administration that wants to disarm us. Read more about Rep. Murphey's talk on the Articles tab.

I found some cool purses at a little store called A Buck Jewelry and More in Midwest City. The address is 1343 Gateway Plaza (15th & Air Depot, by Hobby Lobby). There are several different styles and colors to choose from...I've seen a couple of women carrying these in the OKC metro.


NRA Life Membership Discount

In the last two newsletters I mentioned the amazing deal Tom Gresham of GunTalk Radio set up to get NRA life memberships for $300 (normally $1000). There's a special number, 1-888-678-7894, to receive this deal, but our information is that the special number will be taken down in April. Don't miss this chance to get a new membership or upgrade your current membership. Rep. Jason Murphey confirmed that when the NRA talks, lawmakers listen (see the Articles tab) so it is well worth being an NRA member!

March 16th GDO Class

See more photos on the OPD FB page

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