The Story of SD

In preparation for the Everything Else class, I practiced on my chair, elliptical machine, and walls, but I knew I needed a more realistic prop for class, so I began a search. I finally decided upon a 6'3" lifelike male mannequin I found on eBay...and there began an educational journey.

I first discovered that when you order a mannequin (which I had never done before), it comes in a huge box...I admit when the Fed Ex guy dragged this giant box marked "Mannequin" to my doorstep, I was quite tempted to explain that he was for instructional purposes only...I was so relieved it didn't say the eBay seller's name (hot_mannequins) on the outside of the box.

Next I learned that when you order a mannequin, it comes in parts that you must put together, so I started taking parts out of the box, and laying them on my couch in preparation of putting him together.

At last he was assembled...I didn't yet have clothes for him, but I went ahead and put a training gun in his hand...(first things first!)

And then I started dressing him, first with the only item of clothing I had that would fit him...

I went to the Salvation Army Thrift store to find more clothes for him...and then I learned how difficult it is to put pants on a 6'3" immovable guy...I had to take one of his legs off to get his pants on. I'm pretty sure my dogs thought I had completely lost it as I struggled and fought with the bottom half of this guy, trying to get pants on him. But the end result was pretty convincing...he stood at the end of my hall like this for several days as I continued to practice, getting ready for the class. I almost shot him twice when I came into the room and saw a man standing there!

And this is what he looked like when I re-assembled him at Earl's the day of the class (had to take him apart to get him in my car). When the manager walked into the classroom that morning to ask me a question, he jumped because SD scared him.

By the way, SD typically stands for Self-Defense but in this case it stands for Scary Dude...

In the drills I teach students how to use a cane to beat a 6'3" guy in several different ways. Now the ladies were being quite aggressive in beating this guy with a cane as we started the drills...they seemed to really enjoy it. Here's a picture of Louise whacking him with the cane.

One of the methods I teach is hooking the top of the cane around the neck or a leg and yanking hard, which in effect should knock the guy down. Yes, they were whacking him hard, but he's a big guy and was solidly affixed by a leg to a heavy steel plate so he held his ground...that is until Cyndi got up to do the drills.


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