Oklahoma SDA (conceal carry)
Class Registration


Girls Day Out prep class or a private lesson with an OPD instructor is REQUIRED to attend this class at Oklahoma Personal Defense Academy (see below for more information)

Complete these three steps to enroll in the SDA class:

Pay for Class

Mail paperwork  
  Complete the registration form and mail it to the address on the form

Reserve your seat  
  Email me that you want to attend the class. If more than one SDA class is listed, indicate what date you want to attend.

All three steps must be completed to guarantee your spot in the class.

Contact me if you have questions.

About the Class

This is the class to get your certificate so that you may apply for your Oklahoma conceal carry license. This is NOT a beginner level class and you MUST be able to handle your gun unassisted during the shooting portion of the class in order to pass the class. Therefore, you should fire your gun prior to the SDA class so that you are familiar with how it operates and know you have the stamina to complete the 50 rounds required for the class. If you have never shot a handgun before you need to practice on your own if comfortable enough, or take a private lesson if not...the shooting portion of the class moves quickly and you must be able to keep up in order to pass the class.

The State of Oklahoma assumes if you are taking the class to get a license to carry a handgun that you know how to operate said handgun and are capable of doing so safely.

All students must demonstrate 100% safe gun handling in order to pass the class.


The SDA class curriculum was developed and standardized by CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Training and Education) in accordance with the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (SDA). CLEET regulations state that a minimum of eight (8) hours instruction is required to complete the class.

Oklahoma Personal Defense Live Fire Policy

For insurance and safety purposes Girls Day Out (GDO) prep class or a private lesson with an OPD instructor is REQUIRED to attend any live fire class at Oklahoma Personal Defense (OPD). This includes the Oklahoma SDA (conceal carry) class.

Background of Prerequisite Requirement: I've been teaching firearms instruction for several years and I've consistently had safety issues with students who have never been exposed to proper safety protocol and were, therefore, completely unaware they were violating safety. People often assume they are safe if they've been shooting for many years, but there are specific steps to safe gun handling which you would not know if you have not learned them. Furthermore, those who are self-taught or who learn from a non-professional often acquire unsafe habits...as I frequently say in classes, you don't know what you don't know – if you don't know you're violating safety, how can you correct it on your own?

Much like driving a car, the handling of firearms depends on muscle memory in order to do it correctly, and those who are inexperienced and/or new to shooting have no gun handling muscle memory. Would you get in a car for the first time after reading a book, or having someone show you how to operate a car, and drive somewhere? No, that would be foolish, at the very least you'd take a Driver's Ed class. Girls Day Out is like Driver's Ed for firearms.

It takes years of practice to become proficient and skilled at driving a car. It is the same with shooting a gun.
Muscle memory is also the reason why some people who have been shooting for a long time (or who learned from an unsafe instructor) consistently violate safety.

Oklahoma Personal Defense is about empowering women to protect themselves and therefore complete training is provided in a safe and comfortable environment for women. Everyone in a class is both stressed and at risk when students attend who don't know proper safety protocol and are unable to handle their guns safely.
All OPD instructors and helpers have been trained by me on proper safety protocol first through OPD classes and second through the 9-hour NRA Range Safety Officer course. They know how to watch for and enforce safety, and they know I expect absolute safety at all times.

OPD is committed to safety, and therefore I require that proper safety be followed at all times in all OPD classes. A lax moment, even if completely accidental and unaware (it usually is), can result in the injury or death of another person (yourself or someone else). This is 100 percent preventable and therefore, will not be tolerated. OPD students and staff deserve to be protected and this I will do.

Women who take the SDA class at OPD have already attended GDO and/or a private lesson which enables them to enjoy their SDA class and spend their time and energy learning rather than feeling intimidated and stressed. OPD students are committed to being educated, and not only do they not mind taking the prerequisite class, they appreciate it! Class cost is no excuse as no one will be turned away from any OPD class because of finances (see the Class Cost Policy below).

Since our purpose at OPD is education, we are not interested in simply teaching the SDA class to get someone a license to carry a gun. If that's all you're interested in, there are plenty of places to take the SDA class and we invite you to find one of those places.

NOTE: If you've attended Girls Day Out and I tell you you still need a private lesson, this means you've demonstrated unsafe gun handling in Girls Day Out and need further training to safely attend SDA. This is very rare, but when it occurs, rather than embarrass a student I will simply inform them they need a private lesson. Most women know if they're not ready for SDA and take private lessons on their own. However, on rare occasion I've encountered someone who refuses further training. If you are unwilling to get the further recommended instruction, you will not be permitted to attend the SDA class at OPD.

We reserve the right to refuse a student's attendance in any OPD live fire class if said student demonstrates unsafe gun handling in GDO or a private lesson. Furthermore, we reserve the right to remove any student from a class who is demonstrating unsafe gun handling if they do not listen to and immediately comply with OPD Range Safety Officers (all OPD instructors and helpers are NRA Certified RSOs). Unsafe gun handling puts everyone at risk and is an insurance liability, therefore it will not be tolerated at Oklahoma Personal Defense.

Tammy Pinkston
OPD Founder and Lead Instructor
CLEET Certified SDA Instructor
NRA Certified in Shotgun and Handgun
NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer

Class Cost Policy

Classes are priced as low as possible and typically only cover the costs involved in holding a given class. However, if class cost is prohibitive to you, please contact me. No one will be turned away from Oklahoma Personal Defense training because they cannot afford a class.

Cancellation Policy

The SDA class requires more preparation and paperwork than other OPD classes by both the instructor and the students. Many students need practice time and/or private lessons in order to be ready for the SDA class. Many also need time to acquire supplies and gear needed for the class. Therefore, registration deadline is set 2-3 weeks before the date of the class.

SDA classes are typically scheduled 1-2 months in advance and typically fill up well in advance of the registration deadline. Classes are limited to a specific number of students, and once the maximum is reached the class is closed.

Therefore, if you've paid for the SDA class at OPD and 1. decide you don't want to take the class for whatever reason or, 2. have something come up and cannot attend, with a minimum of five (5) business days notice by Email prior to the registration deadline date your payment may be carried over to a future class* (any OPD class). In the event of an emergency, if you contact me prior to the class date by Email even if less than five (5) day's notice is given, I may choose to carry over your payment to a future class. If you simply don't show up for a class your payment is forfeited.

*It is your responsibility to watch the Schedule page of the OPD website for upcoming classes and Email me that you'd like to attend and use your credit.

Everything that's needed for a given SDA class has already been planned and purchased prior to the scheduling of a class so refunds will not be issued. Make sure you want to attend and that you meet the eligibility requirements before paying for the class.

Written notification by Email is required to provide the date the cancellation was requested.

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